Where in Disney? Find these hidden locations.

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Where in Disney?

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Where in Disney are the following images located?

Where in Disney are these details? Put on your binoculars! Can you identify these mystery Disney photos? Where are they? Guess the big picture!

These photos can be literally anywhere. They can be a closeup of a tiny spec or a piece of something recognizable. They will vary in difficulty but it will be fun to guess what they are. The photo can be located in any park, resort or any property owned by Disney. We will even give you the correct answer once you have given up! Once you know where it is, go and check it out for yourself!


We will usually have a clue in the image to help you out. I mean, we want you to have fun guessing. Look at the first image for instance, it’s the telescope at Disney’s Boardwalk looking out to Disney’s Yacht & Beach Club on the opposite shore.