The Land

The Land is located in Future World of WDW Epcot. The mission for this building to show human civilization’s interaction with the Earth through travel and agriculture.  As you walk up to the building make sure you stop to look at the beautiful tile mosaic on either side of the entrance. This is a perfect piece of modern art that will just give you a glimpse of what is in store for you once you enter the land. AS you enter the building you will notice that it is decorated in bright lush colors in a very contemporary feel. You will be entering the Land on the second floor of the building. Walk left or right, either way, you will make your way to the Garden Grill restaurant. Currently, the Garden Grill is the only attraction on this level.

Garden Grill


The Garden Grill Restaurant is an especially unique dining experience at Epcot. This slow-moving restaurant takes you throughout the different agricultural regions as seen in Living with the Land the attraction below.  Listen to the beautiful music giving you a feeling that you are eating outside. The Garden Grill is served family-style breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

At Breakfast make sure you save room for Chip’s Sticky Bun Bake. You will need extra napkins but it so worth it! During Lunch and Dinner, the menu is inspired by what is in season and harvested from Disney Greenhouses. If this dining experience wasn’t magical enough make sure you have your camera and autograph books ready as Chip, Dale, Mickey, and Pluto (characters are subject to change) come to your table to say hello in their best country farmer attire.  Due to the true uniqueness of this dining experience reservations are highly recommend and can be made 180 days in advance.

Sunshine Seasons

sunshine seasons 

Garden Grill Restaurant is not the only restaurant located in The Land. Sunshine Seasons is a quick-service restaurant located on the first floor of the land. It is nestled between the two attractions on the level and has plenty of open seating areas for you to enjoy a delicious meal or quick snack. Sunshine Seasons is open for Breakfast, lunch, and dinner providing Asian-American dishes inspired by the harvest from the Disney Greenhouses. There are vegetarian and vegan menu options as well.

Living with the Land

Living with the Land

Photo by Amy Miller

Curious about the Disney Greenhouses? Look no further! Take a slow-moving boat ride and learn more about living with the land on Living with the Land. This attraction has two sections, first, you travel through several scenes of different farming areas such as the rainforest and desert. Then you travel to the second section of the attraction where your boat travels through several different areas of the Disney Greenhouses. You have the opportunity to see traditional and innovative ways of growing fruits, vegetables and herbs. There are also areas where you see Aquacell and how we grow plants on space missions. This attraction is not only a wonderful way to learn more about agriculture in our world it is also able to produce enough produce and fish to supply several of the Epcot restaurants.



Want to learn even more about Disney Greenhouses? Here is your chance!  Behind the Seeds is a one-hour walking tour offered daily. During this guided tour you will travel behind the scenes to get an in-depth tour of the four Greenhouses, learn more about growing techniques, visit the fish farm during feeding time, and see the Integrated Pest Management lab where they raise insects to help protect the plants without the use of pesticides. You also get to take home some handouts so you can try some of these great techniques at home.  Reserve this tour today. Contact your travel agent for more information and to schedule a tour.

Soarin’ Around the World


Now its time to take to the sky. Soarin’ Around the World is a state of the art aerial hang-gliding simulation thrill ride! Fly past some of the great wonders of the world! Soar past the Taj Mahal or Sydney Opera House. This is a popular experience and a wonder to behold!

From flying around the world or floating your way through the Living with the Land or dining on delicious delights from the Garden Grill and Sunshine Seasons the Land has so much to offer. Make sure this is a stop on your next Epcot adventure

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