Living with the Land

Living with the Land

What makes the Garden Grill, Sunshine Seasons, and Living with the Land so special? They are all connected! Living with the Land is a slow-moving boat showing you how Disney and countries throughout the world are learning to “Live with the Land”. After boarding your open-air boat you will begin your first of two-part journey. The first area you will be greeted by a storm. Don’t worry you will not get wet. You will hear about the importance storms have on our ecosystem. As we continue to travel through the rainforest, desert, Great Plains, and traditional midwestern American farmhouse. These beautiful sceneries are the same views that you will see while eating at the Garden Grill. We end this part of the boat ride with three screens showing new different techniques used around the world. Now you enter the second portion of the tour as the boat enters the Production & Research Center.  


Picture of first part of attraction, any area


Inside the Production & Research Center you enter the greenhouse areas. 


Picture of the tropics greenhouse 


Did you know that Bananas are the most popular fruit in the world? Well, now you do. As you travel through the first greenhouse you see traditional ways of growing fruits and veggies. in a greenhouse. In the tropics greenhouse, you will things like pineapple, jack fruit, vanilla, and of course bananas. Continue your journey to the Aquacell.


 Picture of Aquacell


Then Aquacell is otherwise known as a Fish Farm.  This area will talk about the importance of aqua-farming. In the front, there are larger tanks filled with different kinds of fish,  such as catfish, paddlefish, bass.  You will even get to see some of the great American alligators in some open-air flatbed tanks. At the end, you will also see some smaller tanks with a possible hidden mickey, home of some frustrations, especially shrimp. Many of the fish farmed here are later served at the Coral Reef Restaurant at the Seas with Nemo and Friends. 


Picture of the  Tech Greenhouse


The next you will find the next two greenhouses, the Temperate and String. In the Temperate greenhouse, you will find crops grown in temperate climates. Make sure you take a look at these prize-winning size fruits and veggies, such as pumpkins beets, and lemons, as well as hidden mickey veggie or two. In the String greenhouse, you will see innovative high-density techniques, nutrient film techniques, vertical growing techniques and more. Have you ever seen a tomato tree? Now is your chance. From these two greenhouses alone Disney harvests 30 tons of food a year. The food harvested from here are used at the Garden Grill Restaurant and Sunshine Seasons. 


Picture of creative greenhouse


The final stop on the boat ride is at the Creative Greenhouse. Here you will explore some unique and non-traditional ways for the future of agriculture. There are demonstrations of aeroponics and NASA hydroponic growing units. Where you will find super-dwarf wheat, snapdragons, and basil.  Keep an eye out for new techniques found in the greenhouse as people continue to spread their imagination and continue Living with the Land. 

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