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What do I mean by, “Travel Clothes”? This is one of my better kept secrets but I warn you, not everyone will like it, but that”s OK, This is Bootcamp! Travel clothes are clothes set aside one final wear before parting ways with them.

What are Travel Clothes?

Travel clothes get this classification for many reasons. It could be that it is out of season and you saved it for that trip with the different climate. Maybe its less than perfect but wearable just one more time!

The idea behind “Travel Clothes” is that you bring them with you, wear them and discard them. The goal is making room in your suitcase for souvenirs and other things that you pick up while one your trip. You don’t want to have to buy an additional suitcase.


That shirt that used to be red, but now it is more of sun faded orange. Let it go. Travel Shirt. Those socks that have a small hole in the middle, why add it to the bag of rags that you have 172 of already, travel socks. How about that button down shirt that is a little snug. Are you doing fine dining on vacation? Pair it with an old tie and hide those popping buttons and take it for its walk to pasture, your bag will reward you with some extra space. On average I try to have 20-50% discard-able “Travel Clothes” so that I can still look stylish but also use this neat trick!

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