Packing Tips: To Pack or Not to Pack?

Packing Tips

Unsure of what you need? How about what you don’t need? I know, I know, How can I possibly predict the future? You can’t, but you can take a really good guess. Believe me, the rare times you actually need something that you didn’t pack, you can always buy it and I guarantee that the cost will be well worth it for all those other times where you didn’t have to carry excess luggage everywhere. Here are some packing tips for your Disney vacation or any vacation for that matter!

Packing Tips on What to Bring

Socks: Most people make the mistake of packing these first because its a clothing staple. WRONG! pack them last. They fit basically anywhere. Also what I suggest doing it packing only travel socks. (See: Travel Clothes)

Non-Metal Belt: This is great for airport travel. So many times people forget that their belt buckle is metal. This can make airport security a figurative breeze, versus risking losing your pants and getting a literal breeze. ::Cheeky::

Clothes that you can re-wear: Lets be honest, you sometimes wear a pair of jeans or shorts twice or possibly even three times before washing them at home. Its ok. They aren’t always dirty after 1 wear. Why shouldn’t you be able to enjoy the same laid back attitudes of home, while on vacation?

Disposable items: Bringing this that you don’t necessarily need to bring home is a good thing with travel. It makes more room in your suitcase for purchases and souvenirs. Just don’t forget about the weight limit if traveling by plane.

Collapsible Bag: Be prepared isn’t just the Boy Scout motto but a great piece of advice. This should pretty much live in your suitcase. They fold up small and take up virtually no space and instantly become another bag in case of a heavy suitcase or extra souvenirs. A great extra to make sure not to forget.

Packing Tips on What not to Bring

Liquid or Hazardous: I know it seems like a no-brainer, but you would be surprised how may people forget what things you cant bring through airport security. When in doubt, leave it out!

Valuables: This in particular refers to those items that are irreplaceable. Family heirlooms, sentimental items and also expensive jewelry. Just leave them at home. Ladies, leave your engagement ring and wedding band at home also. Invest in a cheap CZ replica or something that is not worth anything should it become lost, damaged or stolen. You don’t want to fall into trouble because you are a tourist in the wrong part of town and have a car on your finger.