Reflecting on the loss of Cameron Boyce

Cameron Boyce

I don’t know you, Cameron Boyce. We have never met. Our paths never had a chance to cross but somehow, I was aware of your existence. You made a difference. You will be missed.
I woke up to news like any other. Next, I wrote a brief post sharing the news of your untimely death on this blog. I recalled the first movie where I saw you. I said my farewell. You had a bright future. The day went on.

Later that day I experienced technical difficulties in sharing that post on Facebook. The image preview cropped your head off of the photo that I used in that post earlier. It bugged me. Though to some it would have seemed a small thing and moved on, I instead felt that it was my responsibility, though even if a small one, to figure out how to get Facebook to update the image and crop it. I must have spent an hour reading up on image previews and cropping sizes and then just finally got it to work right. This was something that I just could not let go of. I needed it to be proper. 

Its been a few days and the posts and things have been all over as they tend to do. I happened past a clip of this video and it drew me in. I began thinking about how incredibly poignant it was that a mere year ago, you were making a speech talking about the legacy we leave behind. You were a mere boy of 19 at the time and yet you had an understanding beyond your years. An understand that at twice your age, I wish that I truly grasped more than in just mere principle. And it shook me. I approached news of your death and my recurring thought was to the time you should have had left. “You had a bright future.” You had a bright life! 

I am reminded of a ripple in a pond. I have tried to the best of my ability in recent years to live each day to the fullest. Recently, I had begun to deviate from that path. Thank you Cameron for reminding me. 


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