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Disney Spotify Playlists are here! Spotify has seven new Disney playlists. “With a Smile and a Song“, users can currently access in U.S., U.K., Ireland, South Africa, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. Disney Spotify Playlists have everything from your favorite classics to music from the expanded Disney collection. It also includes Marvel and Star Wars so take a look! eh I mean, listen!

Disney Sing-Alongs




Photo Credit: SpotifyMusic from this generation’s films, covers, and original movies that were recently revived.

Disney Favorites

Disney Spotify: Disney Favorites

Photo Credit: Spotify

Recent reboot soundtracks, past films, and covers from mainstream singers.

Disney Princess

Disney Spotify: Disney Princess

Photo Credit: Spotify

Fans debate whether some Disney females are a princess or heroine. Regardless, each sing powerful anthems.

Disney Classics

Disney Spotify: Disney Classics

Photo Credit: Spotify

TV themes, Disneyland attractions, vintage Disney-1990s, Disney Channel soundtracks, modern covers.

Disney Hits

Disney Spotify: Disney Hts

Photo Credit: Spotify

Comparisons of this year’s releases vs. originals and songs picked from soundtracks leading up to this millennium.

Marvel Music

Spotify: Marvel Music

Photo Credit: Spotify

This playlist incorporates their soundtracks and throwback tracks played in their films.

Star Wars

Spotify: Star Wars

Photo Credit: Spotify

Every composition from these saga films are listed here, and Star Wars related themes.

These playlists can’t be ‘beat’ so if you arent already using Spotify, try it today!

What’s your favorite era of Disney music? Do you have a favorite Disney music theme?

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